Zhejiang dayuan machingery co.,LTD

Hot Foil Stamping

Big source can be based on the actual use of customer needs, customized machine program. At present, there are multi-unit three-station hot stamping die-cutting waste series, multi-unit double-station hot stamping die-cutting waste series and traditional single-station stamping die-cutting series available.

Die Cutting Machine

Dayuan die-cutting in the field of a comprehensive and rich product line, suitable for corrugated paper, cardboard, etc. , model specifications from 820mm to 2200mm, all kinds of die-cutting machine in the world has a wide and in-depth industry application and customer accumulation.

Speed Sheet Cutter

Using advanced German technology, combined with the company's senior engineer's rich experience and leading production technology, independently developed a new generation of cutting equipment of the international leading level. The machine is designed with double rotary spiral Cutter Roller, the cutting surface of the paper is smooth and no burr, no paper powder, no indentation, high cutting precision, can be directly onto the printing machine, reducing the production cost and improving the production efficiency, it is the most ideal slitting equipment for paper products processing widely used in paper industry and printing industry at present.

Creasing machine

Flat creasing and cutting machine is a special equipment for pressing and cutting all kinds of ordinary paperboard, corrugated paperboard, plastic sheet and leather products. The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, fine manufacture, high pressure cutting force, high precision, convenient use, safe and reliable operation and so on.

Embossing machine

It is used for embossing and embossing of web paper, film, Aluminum Film, Aluminum Foil, etc. . It is an ideal product to enhance the aesthetic feeling of products and improve the decoration effect.