About us

Brand story

Dayuan Machinery Development, with a full of passion, courage and vision of the story. These substances continue to influence and shape our company, bringing high-quality products to customers and consumers around the world.

The road to entrepreneurship

Founded in 1999, Rui’an Ruiyang Machinery Printing Co. , Ltd. (the predecessor of Zhejiang Dayuan Machinery Co. , Ltd.) , strives to “strive for excellence and excellence” , relying on quality and credibility to survive, both in the economic level and management model level, laid the foundation for the future development of the enterprise.

The road to branding

In 2002, the company invested 20 million yuan to build the workshop of Dadian industrial zone in Rui’an, covering an area of 6.1 mu, with a construction area of 4,500 square meters. The smooth implementation of the project, completely changed the development trajectory of Ruiyang, Ruiyang products sold in more than 50 countries around the world, well received.

The road of product diversification

In 2006, at that time the domestic paper industry cutting equipment, mainly still rely on imports. In order to seize the opportunity, the company invested more than 30 million yuan, the construction of the “annual output of 200 sets of web cutting machine” production line. The successful implementation of the project has not only optimized Ruiyang’s product structure, increased its source of income, but also further enhanced Ruiyang’s overall position in the printing and packaging industry, in order to achieve the “Web slitter sales in the first place in the world” this goal, made a solid and steady pace.

The way of product automation development

In 2008, in the rising trend of domestic labor costs, the company believes that investment in fully automatic die-cutting machine is bound to have broad prospects for development. In August of that year, 45 million yuan was invested to build Zhejiang Dayuan Machinery Co. , Ltd. , a workshop of Zhenglou industrial zone in Pingyang County, covering an area of 20 mu with a construction area of 21,000 square meters. Through technological innovation, capacity expansion, Ruiyang and Dayuan two brands have gradually developed into China’s largest indentation tangent machine, web slitting machine manufacturers.

To build the largest domestic automatic die-cutting machine production enterprises

In 2013, Taigen invested a total of 120 million yuan to build the technical renovation project of “600 automatic die-cutting machines per year” . The project was located in Binhai new industrial park of Pingyang County, covering an area of 60 mu and 60,000 square meters. The project was completed and put into operation in December 2015. The implementation of the new project will further promote the diversification of products, the scale of production, and at the same time improve the technical level, which is of great significance to the sustainable development of Dayuan Company.

To build a benchmark enterprise of printing and packaging equipment manufacturing industry in China

Since 2015, the company has continuously introduced more than 30 HIGH-END CNC machining centers at home and abroad, strengthened the construction of the Human Environment, gathered talents with a good business environment, and devoted itself to research and development of high-tech automated post-press equipment. At the same time, the full implementation of 7s management and ERP management system to promote enterprise development, to achieve greater economic benefits, “environment, talent, efficiency” the virtuous circle of the three. In 2017, the company officially launched the expansion project of the Dayuan Phase II new factory building, covering an area of 22 mu and Gross leasable area square meters, which was officially completed in October 2019, this project will greatly speed up the process of Dayuan “developing international brands” and “building a benchmark enterprise of domestic printing and packaging equipment manufacturing industry” .

Create Intelligent, digital, green and integrated development road

Adhering to Dayuan’s 20-year-old concept of “making the best equipment to create value for users” , and in line with the “Four Modernizations” strategy put forward by the state, Dayuan has started a brand-new journey in the equipment manufacturing industry since 2018. Introduce foreign high-end CNC machining center equipment, build intelligent manufacturing plants, open the second phase of the new plant construction project, vigorously promote intelligent, digital, green, integrated product solutions, innovative after-sales service standards, to achieve the company and customer growth, with the development of value-added concept.

Take the road of high-end brand development and strive to create world-class brands

In response to the Made in China 2025’s strategy of strengthening the country, we will adhere to the basic policy of “innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent-oriented” , develop the country through industry, and promote the rapid upgrading of China’s printing machine manufacturing industry, iNTO THE WORLD’S LEADING MANUFACTURING POWER! In the future, Dayuan will strive to create a world-class brand, provide the leading post-press packaging equipment, service the global printing packaging industry!