TRIOPRESS Automatic High Speed Duoble Hot Stamping & Die Cutting Machine with Stripping & Heating System

Product Features

The job you can realize in one pass as below:

  1. hot stamping+hot stamping+deep embossing
  2. hot stamping+hot stamping+die cutting+stripping
  3. hot stamping+deep embossing+die cutting+stripping

MHK-3S1050TTRC can meet the exacting requirements in the post press marketplace. This machine are able to do twice hot stamping&deep embossing or twice hot stamping&die cutting&stripping or hot stamping&deep embossing&die cutting& stripping in one pass which traditional machine and duopress machines are unlikely to delivery. It will bring you value-added enjoyment. Improved production and reduced labor cost, without any reduction in efficiency or quality, a unique machine foil stamping and die cutting in one seam-less operation.

Partial Introduction

Feeder unit

Four pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment to handle different kinds of materials.

Feeding table

Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production,Sheet hold-down device (guiding the sheets to the front lays).

Hot stamping section

Heating base with 20 heating zone each temperature adjustable individually  for efficient and accurate temperature control.

Foil advancing unit

Three sets of longitudinal foil advancing shafts and two sets of lateral foil advancing shafts are driven by servo motors individually programmable for short and long foil stepping.

Mould quick locking device

Adopt Center-line system and quick locking device to save make ready time.

Plate setting

5mm hardened stamping plate or 3.5mm + 1.5mm sandwich stamping plate on top of 15mm precision ground supporting base plate with +/-0.9mm micro adjustment in both running and cross direction for quick set up and easy make ready.

Torque limiter

Taiwan high precision intermittent segmentation ensure high positional precision for long time usage.
Taiwan torque limiter can accurately protect the artificial operation accident to guarantee the people and machine safety by its sensitive limit protection performance.

Main motor lubrication system

Taiwan made automatic oil pump cooling circulation system to ensure main motor lubrication of high speed for a long time.
Equipped with oil pressure gauge and with oil pressure alarm device.

Stripping unit

Adopt center line system,Upper and lower stripping tool mounting frame can be pulled out for job set up and make ready.

Gripper edge waste removal device

Gripper edge stripping and removing system with conveyor belt to remove the gripper edge waste sideways to the drive side.

Delivery unit

Automatic delivery with non – stop curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the arriving sheets during the pile exchange.two blowers for paper collection can ensure neat collection of thin and thick papers.

Electrical unit

Adopts electrical components of world famous brands(MOELLER\OMRON) for better performance and in time and local after-sale-service and maintenance.


Feeding UnitMHK-3S1050TTRC
01. Monolithic conveying section wall panel of ductile iron
02. Fish scale type strong paper suction head, 4 suction and 4 feed, the suction head can adjust various paper suction Angle according to the deformation of paper
03. Adjustable air suction tube, suction head and air distribution valve superhard alloy treatment
04. Three feida head anti-collision devices
05. Horizontal paper parting and blowing device
06. The main and secondary stacking paper table does not stop alternately, feida non-stop operation, the maximum pile of paper height 1600mm
07. Main electric left and right trimming device for paper feed stack
08. The pre-stack device is equipped with rails so that the operator can accurately and easily load the stack into the feita
09. Push-pull side gauge, one set for operation side and one set for transmission side. Side gauges can be adjusted between push and pull gauges to meet different paper requirements
10. Side gauge, front gauge paper photoelectric detection
11. Paper arrives before the gauge, slow down the function of paper
12. Electromechanical double detector
13. Import paper conveyor belt and stainless steel conveyor plate
14. Pneumatic lifting device for feeding frame
15. Single point clutch: the conveying part and the main part can be separated and combined synchronously at any time, simplifying and facilitating the operation sequence. No matter the sample, test pressure, etc., can be arbitrarily separated and closed conveyor section
16. PLC and electronic CAM control the timing of the whole machine
17. Germany Baker brand blowing and suction dual vacuum pump
One Station, Two Station, Three Station Main Engine Department
01. Ductile iron heavy main body and left and right wall panels and upper platform, lower platform
02. Imported worm gear, worm with 40CR crankshaft
03. Rotary device for die cutting bottom plate and cutter template
04. Automatic lubricating oil cooling and lubrication system in main transmission box
05. Imported torque limit overload protector
06. Servo motor pressure regulating device, through THE PLC touch screen button to achieve accurate pressure control, accurate adjustment to 0.01mm
07. The whole set of imported anodized aluminum alloy tooth row and positioning structure of 15 groups, each tooth row adopts adjustable tooth row structure
08. Servo control system is adopted for the rear positioning of tooth row, and the accuracy of each tooth row can be adjusted by PLC touch screen button to ensure the accuracy of tooth row, permanent accuracy of ±0.1mm (patented product)
09. Import main drive chain
10. Imported intermittent divider
11. Imported synchronous belt, belt wheel drive
12. Main drive inlet pneumatic clutch brake device
13. Japanese SMC pressure detection device, pressure is too low alarm
14. Combined bottom plate center positioning structure (3.5mm+1.5mm), with fine tuning function, convenient adjustment of bottom die
15. Die-cut plate frame adopts center line fast positioning device structure, with fine tuning function, convenient plate frame adjustment
16. Die-cut plate frame and die-cut bottom plate adopt Japanese SMC gas regulator locking, to avoid the upper and lower plate frame locking installation is not in place, effectively avoid the loss caused by human factors operation
17. The main drive is driven by servo motor
18. The whole machine adopts centralized automatic oil supply system to ensure that the transmission part is not short of oil
19. Equipped with air storage tank to ensure the stable air pressure
Stripping Unit (Clean up all sides)
01. Scrap left and right wall panels of ductile iron
02. Clean up the waste transmission mechanism
03. You can choose whether to use the waste cleaning function
04. Drive mechanism of waste – removing mould in the middle
05. Clean the waste transmission mechanism
06. The installation of the middle waste cleaning board adopts the center line quick positioning installation mode, so that the operator can quickly install the waste cleaning board and improve the efficiency of changing the board
07. Mouth waste cleaning device
Delivery Unit
01. Left and right wall panels of nodular cast iron
02. Adjustable mechanical paper receiving brush and paper pressing mechanism to help the teeth discharge paper and stack
03. Paper collecting and paper leveling device
04. Photoelectric detection of the upper and lower limit switch prevents the paper from being piled too high and the paper from being rolled up
05. Rolling curtain type auxiliary paper collecting frame, can realize non-stop machine paper collecting
06. The paper receiving part can be controlled by 7 inch touch screen
07. Paper receiving bidirectional auxiliary blowing, manual sampling mechanism, easy to operate
Electrical Parts
01. Independently developed PLC control system (patented technology
02. The die cutting part adopts two 10.4 inches and the paper receiving part adopts a 7 inches touch screen
03. All the machines adopt relays, AC contactors, air switches and buttons made by Moeller from Germany to ensure the stability and reliability of electrical parts
04. The whole machine adopts Japanese Omron photoelectric switch, optical fiber, encoder and sensor, to ensure the accuracy and stability of electrical detection of each part of the action
Bronzing Computer Control System
01. Independent research and development of AC801 bronzing computer control system, accurate operation, fast speed, can realize high-speed intelligent skip operation of large area electrochemical aluminum foil (patent technology)
02. Six vertical and four horizontal aluminum foil independent foil feeding system ensures smooth and accurate anodized aluminum conveying at high speed, reliable tension control and small aluminum foil stretching
03. Six Vertical bronzing foil receiving inner large surface biaxial foil receiving device (patent technology)
04. Six vertical bronzing foil collecting outside intelligent foil collecting cabinet device
05. The six longitudinal foil feeding frame adopts push-pull device, which is convenient to pull the foil feeding frame out from the machine to replace the aluminum foil, and the operation is simple and safe
06. Bronzing servo adopts directly connected foil feeding shaft device with high precision
07. Equipped with broken foil detection system to prevent the hot stamping waste caused by accidental break of anodized aluminum and improve the yield of hot stamping products
08. Temperature zone independent control system, effectively control the heating temperature of hot stamping plate. Ensure the whole heating system temperature control more balanced and stable
09. Waste cleaning and bronzing function quick conversion device
10. Holographic anti-counterfeiting foil holder device, quick operation, safe replacement of position, convenient installation, ensure the accuracy and stability of holographic hot stamping (holographic hot stamping, optional)
11. Vertical and horizontal bidirectional with aluminum foil separation blowing device, suitable for large area bronzing
12. If the length of aluminum foil is less than the set parameter, the alarm will be triggered and the computer processing aluminum foil monitoring system will display the remaining and used aluminum foil length
13. Bronzing department operating table adopts 10.4 inch touch screen
Hot Pressure Control System
01. Temperature zone independent control system, effectively control the heating temperature of the heating plate. Ensure the whole heating system temperature control more balanced and stable

Note: This allocation sheet is for reference only, the formal allocation sheet is subject to the contract. Standard configuration: 〇; Optional: △

Main Technical Parameter

Function1. hot stamping+hot stamping+deep embossing
2. hot stamping+hot stamping+die cutting+stripping
3. hot stamping+deep embossing+die cutting+stripping
Maximum Sheet Size1050×750mm
Minimum Sheet Size400×360mm
Maximum Cutting Size1040×720mm
Max. Hot Stamping Size1040×720mm
Max. Embossing Area1040×720mm
Minimum Gripper Margin9~17mm
Inner Chase Size1140×755mm
Stock RangePaper: from 90 to 2000g/m2, 0.1~2mm, corrugated board: up to 4mm
Die Cutting Accuracy≤±0.075mm
Common Stamping Accuracy≤±0.075mm
Hologram Positioning Stamping Accuracy≤±0.075mm(optional)
Embossing Accuracy≤±0.075mm
Max. Die Cutting ForcePress1: 600T, Press2: 600T, Press3: 300T
Max.working Speed6200s/h (Die cutting), 6200s/h (Hot stamping), 6200s/h (Hot pressing)
Max. Feeder Pile Height1600mm(With wooden pallet)
Max. Delivery Pile Height1400mm(With wooden pallet)
Max. Gold Foil DiameterФ250mm Longitudinal, Ф200mm Transversal
Electric-heated System20 temperature ranges, 40-180℃ is adjustable
Foil Width20~1020mm
Press1 Foil Advance Shafts3 Longitudinal+2 Transversal
Press2 Foil Advance Shafts3 Longitudinal+2 Transversal
Press3Equipped with electric heating system+stripping
Machine Dimensions10878×4557×2658mm(L×W×H) (L: paper prepared track included, W: platform included)
Net Weight of Machine45T
Full Load Wattage141KW
Air RequirementPressure: 0.6~0.7Mpa, Flow: ≥1m3/min