MHK 1300FC/1500FC/1650FC/1900FC
Automatic Die Cutting Machine Linkage Production Line(Lead Edge Feeder)

Features Introduced

Converting System Integration means devices combined in line to reduce the manual work, optimize and speed up the flow of products within a single process. Among different modes of production lines, it is the most popular and practical mode in the global market with higher stability. In this system, the automatic prefeeder is one important part linked with the feeder of automatic diecutter to raise feeding efficiency and relieve the workload of operator at maximum that manual work cannot totally reach. The automatic breaker in line with the delivery unit of diecutter automatically separates blanks from multiple ups and save considerable labor costs compared to manual work. Along with the advantages in efficiency and cost, the system is especially able to be customized at particular client demands, products techniques and processes. Nowadays this sytem has become the new tendency interested by a large number of brand owners in the corrugated board packaging industry.

Partial Introduction

Auto pre-loader
Paper breaker

Main Technical Parameter

Technical parameters of paper feeder

Sheel sizeMax. 1900×1400mm
Min. 650×450mm
Max. 1650×1200mm
Min. 650×450mm
Max. 1500×1100mm
Min. 550×450mm
Max. 1300×940mm
Min. 550×450mm
Corrugated board. Up toMax. 8.5mm,Min. 1mmMax. 8.5mm,Min. 1mmMax. 8.5mm,Min. 1mmMax. 8.5mm,Min. 1mm
Batch heightMax. 1800mmMax. 1800mmMax. 1800mmMax. 1800mm
Pile weight1200kg1200kg1200kg1200kg
Machine weight4000kg4000kg3800kg3600kg

Technical parameters of die cutting machine

Max. sheet size1900×1400mm1650×1200mm1500×1100mm1290×940mm
Min. sheet size650×550mm650×500mm480×480mm480×480mm
Max. die cutting size1870×1380mm1620×1180mm1480×1080mm1280×920mm
Inner chase size1900×1430mm1650×1230mm1520×1130mm1310×970mm
Stock rangeE, B, C, A and AB flute
corrugated paper
(1-8.5mm thickness)
E, B, C, A and AB flute
corrugated paper
(1-8.5mm thickness)
E, B, C, A and AB flute
corrugated paper
(1-8.5mm thickness)
E, B, C, A and AB flute
corrugated paper
(1-8.5mm thickness)
Min. gripper waste12mm12mm12mm12mm
Min. gripper margin6-12mm6-12mm6-12mm6-12mm
Cutting rule height23.8mm23.8mm23.8mm23.8mm
Max. die cutting speed5000s/h6000s/h6000s/h6000s/h
Max. die cutting pressure450ton400ton400ton400ton
Total power required40kw40kw32kw27kw
Electrical power380V, 50HZ, 3PH380V, 50HZ, 3PH380V, 50HZ, 3PH380V, 50HZ, 3PH
Mobile lower platen adjusting range±1.5mm±1.5mm±1.5mm±1.5mm
Machine dimension13000×6200×2780mm11700×5470×2500mm11800×5000×2400mm10630×4820×2400mm
Machine weight41T36T25T22T

Sharding machine technical parameters

Sheel sizeMax. 1900mm, Min. 650mmMax. 1650mm, Min. 650mmMax. 1500mm, Min. 550mmMax. 1300mm, Min. 550mm
Min. Batch dimension in machine direction200mm200mm200mm200mm
Max. Batch thickness300mm300mm300mm300mm
Min. Batch thickness20mm20mm20mm20mm
Batch passage height from the floor900mm (adjustable)900mm (adjustable)900mm (adjustable)900mm (adjustable)
Full PLC control